domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

Shit I made.

Shit on boots. Just studing strands of leather. No big deal.

Made belt from scratch. COULD look better. But meh, it's wearable and I got compliments. So stfu.

quinta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2010

3123 dead leopards for the sake of my collar.

FUR COLLARRRR! Granny made it for me. I love it so much. Gonna use it even to buy groceries. HAH! Kisses.

~short cretin post~


Oh fuck, I have a new haircut. It's been like... idk, 4 months that I don't have a haircut. But now I had. Alone, at 4am on my bathroom. Hair is all over the floor. And I'm loving it. I finally look like a boy. A bad boy. rawr


OH MAH GAH I'M LOVING IT SO MUCH! I was so effing tired of my hair. It was like, the same style for like 1 whole year. I was bored by just looking at the mirror. But now, I'll be like "Hey you *blow kisses*" at my reflection. No, not really.
But that's it. KISSES.

segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010

Bag, finally. And leather itens.

Finally took a pic of my bag and the shit inside it. It looks crappy, but meh. Crappy pictures are crappy. So, I'll post crappy picture. Ugh, I need to, like REALLY, improve my taking pics' skills. Like, really. And soon.
So, shit inside my bag is always changing so I just photographed it with what it's always inside. Like, the perma-shit.

Shit number 1- Make up case. Got foundation, concealer, bronzer, powder, brushes, brown pencil and sponges.

Shit number 2- Sunglass case. No need to explanation.

Shit number 3- Hairspray can. I use it when I feel lonely too. No, not really. Eew.

Shit number 4- My faithfull Ipod Touch. Without it life would be boring.

Shit number 5- Hair wax. Not the best I can buy but does the job.

Shit number 6- Deodorant. For sweaty emergencies.

Shit number 7- Hair brush. Always need it.

Shit number 8- Cigarette packs. Never, I mean, NEVER I can go out without it. It's not even funny.

Some times I carry white paper, pencil and eraser. Other times I carry books or my laptop. Or any other shit. But that above is what I always carry.

SOOOO!!!! I bought new boots and "leather" jacket. I'm pretty happy because Ive been wanting a leather jacket and higher boots for a long time.

Boots are still looking boring and plain. So I'll just buy crap to customize it. Like buckles and studs.
So, that's it. Kisses.

sexta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2010

Ableness to pikshurs and new BB.

Finally! Finally I got a celphone with camera. The quality is crappy. Specialy at night, but meh, what the hell, it does the kicks. So now I can take pics of me spending money, me drinking coffee, me on mirrors, me walking on the streets. *wink wink*

So, this is one sidewalk of the brazilian 5th avenue and since I live like, 5 minutes walking from it I spend all my days if not at home, walking the streets(avenue) for money. No, not for money really. For praises.

So today I went to lunch on Subway. Teriaki chickuunnn~~~~ with everything I deserve. Sauce on my face. And shirt. FML
I took cretin pics on SUB's.

And that's about the only one that was like...decent. Even with my, idk, dead look on my eyes. But fuck that, I've been sick for like a week so I can look tired and old.

Then, after lunch I went to drink a coffee, since the coffee shop is like, 5 meters away from the restaurant. Took more cretin pics. YAR

Oh, me and my skeleton white hand. Some guy once said that just looking at my hands, people would think I'm an old lady. Fuck him.

Me after crapping at the bathroom on Starbucks. No, not really. I was just fixing my hurrr.

Needs bigger mirror at home to take pikshurs of my outfits. Cause yeah, they rock. haha

sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

Early weekend.

Okay, I started drinking this:

Then, I finished drinking this:

Yes, same thing. It started at my place and ended up on my friends place. It was cool. Revealing shit.
Not good for someone who have a sleeping disorder. Talking about sleeping disorder, I'm still not getting any. But, whatever.

Oh, I had my taylor to make these blazers for me. When they are done I'll post picshurrrs...
Okay, that's it. KISSES.

segunda-feira, 26 de julho de 2010

Sleeping problems.

UGH! I've been having severe sleeping problems. Like, no more than 4 hours in 3 days. I look like I died. Thank god for makeup.
I'm so tired of people trying to give me advices like: "Oh, just lay quiet in your bed, you will sleep." Well, THAT DOES NOT WORK WITH ME!

And, a DEAR friend of mine is leaving to Japan soon and I'm both sad and glad. I'll get to ask him to send me fabulous shit from there, but he will not be here to have fun with me. So sad.

And... nothing more. I'm boring. Kisses.